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Full text of "One Hundred Seventy Sixth Commencement May 8, 2010 Savannah State University"

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Hux et Veritas; 




Saturday, May the Eighth 
Two Thousand and Ten 

Ten O'Clock in the Morning 
Tiger Arena 

avannah State University 
Mission Statement 

Savannah State University, the oldest public historically black university in the State of 
Georgia, develops productive members of a global society through high quality instruction, 
scholarship, research, service and community involvement. The University fosters engaged 
learning and personal growth in a student-centered environment that celebrates the African 
American legacy while nurturing a diverse student body. Savannah State University offers 
graduate and undergraduate studies including nationally accredited programs in the liberal 
arts, the sciences and the professions. 

History of Savannah State University 

On November 26, 1890, enabling legislation was passed by the Georgia General Assembly to establish a school for 
the education and training of colored students, which was to operate as a part of the University of Georgia. One 
hundred and twenty years later, the college has become Savannah State University, the oldest public historically black 
university in Georgia. 

A preliminary session of the new college was held in the Baxter Street School Building in Athens, Georgia, with 
Richard Robert Wright, Sr., as principal. On October 7, 1891, the new college, name the Georgia State Industrial 
College for Colored Youths, moved to its present location in Thunderbolt, Georgia. Wright was president and there 
were five faculty members: Loring B. Palmer, A.B.; Frank Cobb, A.B.; Alexander Ashton; Reverend Leigh B. Maxwell, 
A.B.; Reverend James M. Simms, proctor and steward; and Decatur Suggs, vice-president. 

The university awarded its first baccalaureate degree to Richard R. Wright, Jr., in 1898. He went on to become the 
first black man to receive the Ph.D. in sociology form the University of Pennsylvania (1911), and later to become 
the president of historic Wilberforce University. During Wright's tenure as president (1890-1921), President William 
McKinley (1898) and President William Howard Taft (1912) visited the campus and spoke to students and faculty in 
the Peter W Meldrim Hall. 

Cyrus Gilbert Wiley, class of 1899, and the first alumnus to become president of the university (1921-1926), followed 
Wright. Benjamin F. Hubert, who came to Geogria State College from Tuskegee Institute, served as president from 
1926-1947. It was during his tenure that the college became a full-time degree granting institution, without high 
school and normal programs, and became a member of the University System of Georgia (1932). The name of the 
college was changed to Georgia State College in 1932. In 1950, the name of the college was changed to Savannah 
State College and in 1996, the name was changed to Savannah State University. 

The Significance of the Academic Mace 

Observing the centuries-old convocation procedures, each Marshal in the Savannah State University Academic 
Procession carries an official mace, which is indicative of the power, dignity, and magisterium vested in the 
University. The mace is a club-shaped staff that originated in the Middle Ages as a weapon. Eventually, it gained a 
ceremonial character and is presently employed most often by legislative forums and academic enterprises. 

The official mace and stand of Savannah State University were designed and made from mahogany wood by Dr. 
Ernest S. Brown, Associate Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering Technology. 

The University motto is "Lux Et Veritas" (Light and Truth). 

Academic Regalia 

Modern academic dress has evolved from a type of apparel prescribed by English Medieval Universities to distinguish 
their schools from the lay person in dress at a time when everybody wore robes or gowns. When American colleges 
and universities desired to adopt some suitable system of academic apparel a half century ago, it seemed best to agree 
on some definite system which all might follow. Accordingly, this attire has consisted of the cap, the gown, and the 
hood, the latter two now differing according to the degree the wearer has received. 

The modern cap, in academic dress, has the same design for all degrees: black and square-shaped with a tassel 
hanging from the center. However, the color of the tassel usually differentiates the field of study for which the 
degree was granted, the gold tassel being worn by doctors or by presidents of colleges and universities; but it may be 
added that the black tassel is correct for all degrees. 

The gown, unlike the cap, differs appreciably in design according to the degree conferred on the wearer. The gown 
for the bachelor's degree has pointed sleeves. It is designed to be worn closed. The gown for the master's degrees, 
worn open or closed, has an oblong sleeve, open at the wrist, like the others. The sleeve base hangs down in the 
traditional manner. The rear part of its oblong shape is square cut, and the front part has an arc cut away. The 
doctor's gown, worn open or closed, has long sleeves faced with velvet; three bars of velvet are midway the sleeves. 
The trimmings of the doctor's gown may be black or the color associated with the field of study. 

The hood, while not an article of dress, is however, the most distinctive feature of the academic attire. It is a 
black, crow-shaped badge or adornment with an oval opening and worn down the back. It enables one to quickly 
determine not only the degree held by the wearer but also the college or university from which he is graduated. The 
colors lining the hood and the size and the shape of the hood make this distinction. The bachelor's and master's 
hoods are three feet and three and a half feet in length, respectively; the doctor's hood is four feet in length and is 
made with a wide panel. Hoods may be worn for only those degrees actually held by the wearers. 

Members of the governing body of a college or university, and they only, whatever their degrees may be, are entitled 
to wear doctor's gowns (with black velvet), but their hoods may be only those of degrees actually held by the wearers 
or those especially prescribed for them by the institution. 

In some colleges and universities, it is customary for the president, chancellor, or chief officer to wear a costume 
similar to that worn by the head of a foreign university. 

The chief marshal may wear a specially designed costume approved by the institution. 

For all academic purposes, including trimmings of doctor's gowns, edging of hoods, and tassels of caps, the color 
associated with different subjects as prescribed by the revised American Intercollegiate Code is as follows: 

Arts, Letters, Humanities White Oratory (Speech) Silver Gray 

Business Drab Philosophy Dark Blue 

Economics Copper Physical Education Sage Green 

Education Light Blue Public Administration Peacock Blue 

Law Purple Science Golden Yellow 

Library Science Lemon Social Work Citron 

Music Pink Theology Scarlet 

At Savannah State University, the lining of the hood has an orange chevron on a blue background to represent school 
colors. A faculty member wears the color of his alma mater. 

Commencement Speaker 




CLARENCE THOMAS, Associate Justice, was born in the Pinpoint community 
near Savannah, Georgia on June 23, 1 948. He attended Conception Seminary from 
1967 to 1968 and received an A.B., Cum Laude, from Holy Cross College in 1971, 
and a J.D. from Yale Law School in 1974. He was admitted to law practice in Missouri 
in 1974, and served as an Assistant Attorney General of Missouri, 1974 - 1977; an 
attorney with Monsanto Company, 1977 - 1979; and Legislative Assistant to Senator 
John Danforth in 1979 to 1981. From 1981 through 1982, he served as Assistant 
Secretary for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education and as Chairman of the 
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in 1982 to 1990. In 1990, he 
served as a Judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia 
Circuit through 1991. President George Bush nominated him as an Associate Justice 
of the Supreme Court and he took his seat on October 23, 1991. He is married to 
Virginia Lamp and has one child, Jamal Adeen by a previous marriage. Together, they 
are raising his great-nephew, Mark Elliott Martin, Jr., who was born in 1991. 

Order of Procession 

The Chief Marshal 

The Class Marshals 

Candidates for Masters' Degrees 

Candidates for Baccalaureate Degrees 

Faculty Emeriti 

The Faculty 

The Presidential Party 

The academic regalia, the academic processional, and the ceremonial program are part of an ancient tradition of learning. 
This tradition is a unified, solemn occasion at which only applause is appropriate. 

The audience is asked to refrain from any other form of expression and to reserve celebrations until the program is concluded. 

Order of the Ceremony 

Earl G. Yarbrough, Sr., Ph.D., President 



* Academic Procession 


Introduction of Platform Guests 
and Introduction of Speaker 


"War March of the Priests" 

"Out In the Fields" 

Professor Nan Poole Spicer, Organist 

Felix Mendelssohn 

Reverend Christian A. Alimaji, M.S. P. 

St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church 

by Louise Imogen Guiney 

Arranged by William L. Dawson 
Savannah State University Concert Choir 

Dr. Earl G. Yarbrough, Sr. 

Commencement Address 

Presentation of Awards 
President's Second Mile Award 

The Honorable Clarence Thomas 

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States 

Dr. Earl G. Yarbrough, Sr. 


Presentation of Candidates 

for the Master of 

Business Administration Degree 

Presentation of Candidates 
for the Master of Science 
Public Administration Degree 

Presentation of Candidates 
for the Master of 
Social Work Degree 

Presentation of Candidates 
for the Master of Science in 
Marine Sciences Degree 

Conferring of Masters' Degrees 


of Academic Deans 

Presentation of Candidates 
for Baccalaureate Degrees 

College of Business Administration 
College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences 
College of Sciences and Technology 

'Rockin' Jerusalem' 

arranged by John W. Work 
Savannah State University Concert Choir 

Dr. Emily Crawford 

Interim Dean, Graduate Studies 

Dr. Emily Crawford 

Dr. Emily Crawford 

Dr. Emily Crawford 

Dr. Earl G. Yarbrough, Sr. 

Assisted by Academic Deans, Mr. Timothy Cranford, Registrar 
Ms. Kai Walker, Assistant Professor, Mass Communications 

Dr. Mary C. Wyatt 

Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Mostafa H. Sarhan, Dean 
Dr. Jane M. Gates, Dean 
Dr. Derrek Dunn, Dean 


Order of the Ceremony 

Conferring of Baccalaureate Degrees 

President's Charge to the Graduates 
Alumni Induction 

Presentation of Army Reserve Officers 
Training Corps Candidates For Commissioning 

Commissioning of Officers 

Reading the Commissioning Document 

Administering the Oath of Office 

Presentation of Navy Reserve Officers 
Training Corps Candidates For Commissioning 

Commissioning of Officers 

Reading the Commissioning Document 

Administering the Oath Of Office 


Alma Mater* 
Benediction Selection 


Dr. Earl G. Yarbrough, Sr. 

Assisted by Academic Deans, Mr. Timothy Cranford, Registrar 
Ms. Kai Walker, Assistant Professor, Mass Communications 

Dr. Earl G. Yarbrough, Sr. 

Mr. Roy L. Jackson 

President, Savannah State University 
National Alumni Association 

Major Marion Johnson, US Army 

Commanding Officer, SSU Army ROTC Unit 
Assistant Professor of Military Science 

Captain Kent Flowers, US Navy 

Commanding Officer, SSU Naval ROTC Unit 
Professor of Naval Science 

"A Parting Blessing" 

'Pomp and Circumstance' 

Professor Nan Poole Spicer, Organist 

by J. Jerome Williams 

The Men of Savannah State 

University Concert Choir 

Sir Edward Elgar 

Savannah State College Hymn 

Original words and music by J. Randolph Fisher and Hillary Hatchett 

Tet us give thanks and praises to 

Our Alma Mater, S.S. U. 

Thine honor, pride, and eminence, 

We raise in prayerful reverence. 

Guide us still from day to day, 

Be Thou mindful lest we lose our way; 

Help us know that life, short or long, 

Means unceasing work for weak and strong. 


Where Savannah meets the sea, 

Where grassy plains and palms abound, 

Where the Flow'rs are gems of loveliness, 

There S.S. U. is found. 

We adore each beauteous scene and hall, 

Our all we pledge to Thee! 

In our hearts we'll build a shrine for You 

We hail Thee, S.S. W 

Lyrical Revision by Ms. LaGina M. Frazier 

♦The audience is requested to stand. 

**The audience is requested to sit and to remain seated until the recession has exited. 



Master of Business Administration 

Joi Akira Albright | Savannah State University 
Zachry Allen Gelow | Savannah State University 


Master of Public Administration 

Rashad Andres Jackson | Savannah State University 

DiAnca Leinell Rogers | Detroit College of Business-Dearborn 

Arielle Elizabeth Simpson | Valdosta State University 

John Edward Stewart | Savannah State University 

Master of Social Work 

Davia Doreen Adams | Morris Brown College 

Tammy Jo Bloechl-Rutherford | University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh 

Charis Lease-Trevathan Chase | Sweet Briar College 

Katrina Renee Chisholm I Campbellsville College 

Sylvia Copeland | Thomas College 

Mavis Landrum Crowell | Alabama State University 

!Angela Denise Freeman | Albany State University 

Daniel Southall Haddad | College of Charleston 

Sabrina Lachelle Hayes | Savannah State University 

George Anthony Jackson | Savannah State University 

Shontina Patryce Johnson | Augusta State University 

Africa Simone Miller | Voorhees College 

Lori Lynn Milton | Savannah State University 

Tequilla Janisse Pittman I Savannah State University 

Carmen Denise Preston | Savannah State University 

Charita Nicole Smith | Armstrong Atlantic State University 

Madonna Ann Smith | Metropolitan State University 

LaTeashia Michelle Steed | Savannah State University 

Michelle Suella Swanston | Savannah State University 

Erica Samantha Taylor | Savannah State University 

Keiwonda DeTrell Tennerson I Armstrong Atlantic State University 

Dametria Sherita Whitaker I South Carolina State University 

Faylencia Quan Woodfork I Savannah State University 


Master of Science in Marine Sciences 

INicole Allyson Abdul | College of Charleston 

Lili Hao I International College 

Shelly Lynn Krueger | Georgia Institute of Technology 

Nadia Tie'sh Meyers | Millersville University of Pennsylvania 

Michael John Partridge | Armstrong Atlantic State University 

! In Absentia 


Jennifer Ashley Bradl | Bloomingdale, Georgia 
Angela Bussey | Savannah, Georgia 
Stefany Renae Elliott | Savannah, Georgia 
Dexter Hampton | Marietta, Georgia 
Janet Celeste Helmly | Savannah, Georgia 

Bjorn Bohley | Savannah, Georgia 
O'bryan R. Clemons | Spartanburg, South Carolina 
Ty'Ran TyRee Hanson | Savannah, Georgia 
Joshua Donnell Hines | Riceboro, Georgia 
Michael James Lewis | Riverdale, Georgia 
Shunterrio Tarrell Marsh | Macon, Georgia 

Savanti Jenee' Appleton I Hampton, Georgia 
Darrell Keith Baldwin Jr | Sandersville, Georgia 
*Thomas Randolph Bazemore Jr | Pooler, Georgia 
**Melanie Celest Briscoe | Woodville, Georgia 
♦Channin Sha'Bre Campbell | Macon, Georgia 
Addie Shawntrell Cochran | Savannah, Georgia 
*Janique Danielle Darden | Savannah, Georgia 
♦Vonnette LaRuth Epps | LaGrange, Georgia 
*Frank Fields Jr | Savannah, Georgia 
Derek J. Gray | Jacksonville, Florida 
Kimberly Yvette Hooks | Sandersville, Georgia 
Kyle David Hutchinson | Savannah, Georgia 



*Sosoni M. James Thomas | Savannah, Georgia 
Megan Denyse Jones | Savannah, Georgia 
Shamere Ravennell Reynolds | Tennille, Georgia 
Pierre Lester Smallwood | Powder Springs, Georgia 
Jessica Renae Williams | Kings! and, Georgia 

Computer Information Systems 

Scott Dannon Miller | Fort Washington, Maryland 
Quintasha Latoya Roberts | Savannah, Georgia 
Whitney Elizabeth Steward | Temple, Georgia 
Thaddeus Olando Walthour I Midway, Georgia 
Antawain Cortez Williams | Columbus, Georgia 
Jessica Patrice Williams | Savannah, Georgia 


**Delia Ana Maria Jackson-Roberts | Savannah, Georgia 
Brittany Lashonda Jones | Sandersville, Georgia 
Reginald Antwan May | Macon, Georgia 
*Erin Noel McCune | Dublin, Georgia 
Steven Andrae Morris | Cartersville, Georgia 
Brandon Michael Parks | Conyers, Georgia 
*Patricia Rishards Reed | Albany, Georgia 
Crystal Adal Stokes | Savannah, Georgia 
Kevin Leon Terry | Manchester, Georgia 
Darien Antonio Thompson | Savannah, Georgia 
Cheryl Renee White | Savannah, Georgia 
Carlos Delorenzo Wilson | Americus, Georgia 

♦Willie Lee Hall | Tallahassee, Florida 
Bryan Joel Harrold | Alpharetta, Georgia 
Marcia Renea Hendricks | Stone Mountain, Georgia 
♦Daniel Adam Newell | Savannah, Georgia 
Alexis Raynelle Olfver | Savannah, Georgia 
*Umari Asmahan Osgood. | Stone Mountain, Georgia 


Marvin Lanier Pope | Midway, Georgia 
Anthony Marcus Price | Molena, Georgia 
Jameel L. Riley | Savannah, Georgia 
Dwayne Leon Ruff | Savannah, Georgia 
Jessica Patrice Williams | Savannah, Georgia 


Behavior Analysis 

*Asha Kalifa Akilah Kiara Bolton | Ellenwood, Georgia 

Anthony DeNard Bowden | Riverdale, Georgia 
Mercedes Marie Clarke | Savannah, Georgia 
**Amber Latrice Coachman | Savannah, Georgia 
♦Brittany Agnes Louvenia Davis | Atlanta, Georgia 
* Ashley Marie Hall | Atlanta, Georgia 
**Bianca Andrea Jackson | Augusta, Georgia 
♦Ebony Arlice Jones | Dublin, Georgia 
♦Brittney LaTrice Lollis | Bloomingdale, Georgia 
Crystal Sa'sha Tinelle McNair | Atlanta, Georgia 
Linsey Joanne Osborne | Athens, Georgia 

Toney DeShon Phifer | Savannah, Georgia 
♦Cierra D'Angel Pinckney | Savannah, Georgia 
**Tasmine Shawnelle Raglin I Suwanee, Georgia 
**Danielle Amonda Richardson | Riverdale, Georgia 
Tyra Yvette Seagraves | Marietta, Georgia 
Ivy Monique-Denise Smith | Athens, Georgia 
**Breon Imani Speaks | Hiram, Georgia 
Corri Renard Tims | Douglasville, Georgia 
*Senequa Lashae White | Ellenwood, Georgia 
Candace Victoria Wilson | Riceboro, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude 

**Magna Cum Laude 

*Cum Laude ! In Absentia 


Criminal Justice 

*Brent Matthew Bondurant | Stone Mountain, Georgia 
Nathan Charles Carr | Savannah, Georgia 
Milton Bernard Cason Jr | Thomasville, Georgia 
Kenneth Blair Carter | Warrenton, Georgia 
Tiniesha Charne' Cochran | Savannah, Georgia 
♦Derrick Emile Crawford | Savannah, Georgia 
Gabrielle Jahnay Denson I Savannah, Georgia 
Latrell Renee' Ferguson | Savannah, Georgia 
Joseph Julian Flegler | Washington, District of Columbia 

Whitney Nicole Griffin | Stone Mountain, Georgia 
Torry D. James | Savannah, Georgia 
*!Andrew Richard Mendez | Miami, Florida 
Ashley LaToya Pierce | Wrightsville, Georgia 
Peneshia Reshay Ponder | Griffin, Georgia 
Derius S. Smith | Atlanta, Georgia 
Marquis Eugene Smith | Savannah, Georgia 
Javares T. Taylor | Savannah, Georgia 
**Francesca Lynne Thomas | Riverdale, Georgia 

English, Language & Literature 

♦♦!Nia-Alyese Rae Boyd | Garden City, Georgia **Shaina S. Moreland 

♦♦♦Valencia Shanise Amber Brewton | Claxton, Georgia Bobby Lee Randall Jr 

Marcus Duran Darrisaw | Delray Beach, Florida Shante' Nicole Smith 
*Ebony Monee' Mathis | Athens, Georgia 

East Point, Georgia 
Lizella, Georgia 
Savannah, Georgia 


♦Christopher Lawrence Thomas Nunnery | Detroit, Michigan 

♦Michael Anthony Idell Lovett | Savannah, Georgia 
♦Vanessa Shante' Vaughn | Marietta, Georgia 

Homeland Security and Emergency Management 

Vinson M. White | Leesburg, Georgia 


Justin Ryan Anderson | Jacksonville, Florida 
Clifton Earl Austin | Savannah, Georgia 
Kolya Orlando Barnes | Savannah, Georgia 
♦♦Michelle Royale Chisolm | Savannah, Georgia 
Gabrielle Jahnay Denson | Savannah, Georgia 
♦TeNaya D'Ann Farmer | Dublin, Georgia 
Anthony Edward Foster Jr | Smyrna, Georgia 
Rashad Markell Griffin | Savannah, Georgia 
♦♦♦Erin Kristen Gore-Morris | Savannah, Georgia 
Brittany Lashawn Hill | Marietta, Georgia 
Twanshella Katrell Hardeman | Savannah, Georgia 
Dedra Precious Hollow ay | Decatur, Georgia 
♦Brittany Andricka Jester | Hinesville, Georgia 
♦♦Brittany Latrice Lackey | Decatur, Georgia 


Porshia LaShe' Lee | Ellenwood, Georgia 
Derrick Stephen Matthews | New York, New York 
Brandon Dean Miller | Acworth, Georgia 
Larinda Jeneen Norwood-King | Savannah, Georgia 
♦♦Bianca Nycole Rainwater | College Park, Georgia 
♦Gari Oninye Shand | Brunswick, Georgia 
Jovonni Durelle Shuler | Lake Placid, Florida 
Helena Kelleese Smith | Beaufort, South Carolina 
♦Ya'Shika Tanea Solomon | Athens, Georgia 
Khady Diatou Thiam | Dacula, Georgia 
Erica Le'Rae Thomas | Hinesville, Georgia 
Juan N. Thomas | Savannah, Georgia 
Joy B. Wyatt | College Park, Georgia 

Political Science 

♦♦♦Carolyn Lisa Bowden | Savannah, Georgia 
Keisha Shante' Duff | Savannah, Georgia 
Timothy Patrick Hardy | Atlanta, Georgia 
♦Folana LaDonna Houston I Adanta, Georgia 
♦James Jefferson III | Savannah, Georgia 

♦♦♦Jovona Sharisse Kennedy | Lithonia, Georgia 
♦Cordero Jamal Raines | Talbotton, Georgia 
Celeste Victoria Ratcliffe | Savannah, Georgia 
♦♦Sadie Deborah Sellow | Union City, Georgia 
♦Rachel Lynn West | Pembroke, Georgia 

***Summa Cum Laude 

**Magna Cum Laude 

*Cum Laude ! In Absentia 


*Brittney Marquise Bickham | Dallas, Georgia 
Vernell LaTissa Gaines | Savannah, Georgia 
IDominique Othell Griffin | Augusta, Georgia 
**Jane Rowlands Hamill | Thunderbolt, Georgia 
Sherronica Chamera Hampton | Pelham, Georgia 
**Jasmine Janae James | Jeffersonville, Georgia 
*Luciria Luckey Lovette | Allenhurst, Georgia 
Aleida Lace'l Mitchell | Cataula, Georgia 

Social Work 

*Tiffany Shontay Polite | Savannah, Georgia 
Somiki Monique Reddick I Americus, Georgia 
Sian Sheniese Robinson | Mableton, Georgia 
*Yvonne Denise Rufus | Savannah, Georgia 
Rasheedah Jameelah Sheffield | Savannah, Georgia 
Kislyn Tahisha Thomas | Bluffton, South Carolina 
*!Kimberly Sue Watson | Savannah, Georgia 
***Jessica Nichole Weston | Savannah, Georgia 


Artia Quintorrey Arrington I Savannah, Georgia 
Courtney Monique Bellinger | Loganville, Georgia 
*Tenay Azizah Drayton | Savannah, Georgia 
Phillip Lane Jr | Jacksonville, Florida 
♦Dominique Shari Lewis | Macon, Georgia 
**Jaleesa Denise Morris | Hinesville, Georgia 
Sophia Melody Perry | Savannah, Georgia 

**Alba Iris Rodriguez | Savannah, Georgia 
Nanyamka Asaata Shukura I Atlanta, Georgia 
Daniel Jerrod Studdard | Delray Beach, Florida 
*Kendra Marissa Thomas | Thomasville, Georgia 
IMorgan Lynette Thompson | Savannah, Georgia 
Martin T. Washington | Savannah, Georgia 
Marcus Jamaal Williams | Savannah, Georgia 

*Timmie Napolean Curry | 
Terrence Mikal Kirkland 

Visual and Performing Arts 

Ebony Grace Phillips | Hephzibah, Georgia 

Little Mountain, South Carolina 
Alpharetta, Georgia 



James Christopher Bawlson | Macon, Georgia 
Andrea Rose Hall | Garden City, Georgia 
Naughtia Michelle Johnson | Griffin, Georgia 
**Chakeeta Lashana Jones | Port Royal, South Carolina 
Leandra Bianca Jones | Savannah, Georgia 
♦Natalie Mikkaisha Jones | College Park, Georgia 
Alfonce Jermaine McKinney III | Calument Park, Illinois 

Gabrielle Nicole Newton | Savannah, Georgia 
Leon Sanchez Pope j Macon, Georgia 
Randolph Lela Samuel | Snellville, Georgia 
Brian Alexander Stevenson | Augusta, Georgia 
***Ruth Pamela Tilus | Buford, Georgia 
Carlos Antonio Williams | Loganville, Georgia 
Takela CraShunda Wilson I Savannah, Georgia 


♦Lionel Wilfred Cross Jr | Jonesboro, Georgia 
**Kelvin Mitchell Frazier | Savannah, Georgia 
Shaka Bianca Gore | Riverdale, Georgia 

India Latania Johnson | Savannah, Georgia 
Crystal Dyanna Reeves | Milledgeville, Georgia 
Alicia Michelle Williams I Savannah, Georgia 

Civil Engineering Technology 

James Stargell Adams | Sandersville, Georgia 
*Rossmery Alva | Richmond Hill, Georgia 
Stanley Alphonzo Douglas II | Snellville, Georgia 
*Peter Michael Glenn | Hephzibah, Georgia 
Harold Eugene Holloway II I Savannah, Georgia 

Riccardo Derome Ingram | Thomasville, Georgia 
*Abdel Kader Koundaba I Savannah, Georgia 
*Jeremy Neal Mitchler I Savannah, Georgia 
Adam Eugene Watts I Savannah, Ge< >rgia 

***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude ! In Absentia 



Computer Science Technology 

John Frederick Bailey Jr | Fayetteville, North Carolina Timothy Charod Pendleton | Byron, Georgia 

Errol Owen Hooper Jr | Stone Mountain, Georgia James Edward Scales Jr | Savannah, Georgia 

Kevin Alexander Limehouse | Lithonia, Georgia Phillip David Scott | Warner Robins, Georgia 

Tris Christopher Maddox Jr | Stone Mountain, Georgia *Jerome Antawn Temple | Savannah, Georgia 

*David Corey Mazer | Atlanta, Georgia Carena Nichelle Thomas | Richmond Hill, Georgia 

Electronics Engineering Technology 

♦Francisco Fausto Balbuena-Guzman | Pooler, Georgia Lewis Edward Jones IV | Savannah, Georgia 

Dominique Rafael Clark | Savannah, Georgia *Brandon Anh Phan | Savannah, Georgia 

*Jay Christopher English | Kingsville, Texas Billy Dee Stubbs | Macon, Georgia 
Le'Odrick De'Juan Hudson | Hephzibah, Georgia 

Environmental Science 

Sophia Chantel Battle | Lithonia, Georgia *Andre P. McGregor | Savannah, Georgia 

*Sandra Tanese Carter I Thunderbolt, Georgia 

Marine Science 

**Adam Wayne Hedgecoth | Savannah, Georgia Ajmal Saliyl Gordon | Savannah, Georgia 

Matthew Clark Hunnewell | Savannah, Georgia 


Keisha Monique Barkley I College Park, Georgia Glennethia Roshay Smith | Morrow, Georgia 

**Kelvin Mitchell Frazier | Savannah, Georgia Sidney Antonio Swan | Perry, Georgia 

**Ezinne Chika Igbonagwam I Forest Park, Georgia Warren Washington III | Augusta, Georgia 

Leonard Lawton | Savannah, Georgia Blake Mainor Williams | Riviera Beach, Florida 

*Nashae Danielle Lumpkin | Stone Mountain, Georgia Tony Wright III | Savannah, Georgia 
Stephanie Nicole Parker | Hinesville, Georgia 

NOTE: Appearance of name on any list in this program must not be considered as conclusive evidence of graduation. Persons who have met all 
requirements for a particular degree and whose names appear on the lists in this program will receive the degree indicated. 

***Summa Cum Laude **Magna Cum Laude *Cum Laude ! In Absentia 


Honor Graduates 

Summa Cum Laude 

(3.75 - 4.00) 

Carolyn Lisa Bowden 
Valencia Shanise Brewton 
Erin Kristen Gore-Morris 

Magna Cum Laude 
(3.4 - 3.74) 

Nia-Alyese Rae Boyd 

Melanie Celest Briscoe 

Michelle Royale Chisolm 

Amber Latrice Coachman 

Kelvin Mitchell Frazier 

Jane Rowlands Hamill 

Adam Wayne Hedgecoth 

Ezinne Chika Igbonagwam 

Bianca Andrea Jackson 

Della Ana Maria Jackson-Roberts 

Jasmine J anae James 

Rossmery Alva 

Francisco Fausto Balbuena-Guzman 
Thomas Randolph Bazemore Jr 
Brittney Marquise Bickham 
Asha Kalifa Akilah Kiara Bolton 
Brent Matthew Bondurant 
Taylor Marie-Jalila Burch 
Channin Sha'Bre Campbell 
Sandra Janese Carter 
Derrick Emile Crawford 
Lionel Wilfred Cross 
Timmie Napolean Curry 
Janique Danielle Darden 
Brittany Agnes Louvenia Davis 
Tenay Azizah Drayton 
Jay Christopher English 


TeNaya D'Ann Farmer 
Frank Fields J r 
Peter Michael Glenn 
Ashley Marie Hall 
Willie Lee Hall 
folana ladonna houston 
Sosoni M. James Thomas 
James Jefferson III 
Brittany Andrk k a [ester 
Ebony Arlice [ones 
Natalie Mikkaisha [ones 
Abdel Kader K< »undaba 

Cum Laude 

(3.00 - 3.39) 

Jovona Sharisse Kennedy 
Ruth Pamela Tilus 
Jessica Nichole Weston 

Chakeeta Lashana Jones 
Brittany Latrice Lackey 
Shaina S. Moreland 
Jaleesa Denise Morris 
Jasmine Shawnelle Raglin 
Bianca Nycole Rainwater 
Danielle Amonda Richardson 
Alba Iris Rodriguez 
Sadie Deborah Sellow 
Breon Imani Speaks 
Francesca Lynn Thomas 

Brittany LaTrise Lollis 

Michael Idell Lovett 

Luciria Luckey Lovette 

Nashae Danielle Lumpkin 

Ebony Monee' Mathis 

David Corey Mazer 

Erin Noel McCune 

Andre P. McGregor 

Andrew Richard Mendez 

Jeremy Neal Mitchler 

Daniel Adam Newell 

Christopher Lawrence Thomas Nunnery 

Umari Asmahan Osgood 

Brandon Anh Phan 

Cierra DAngel Pinckney 

Tiffany Shontay Polite 

Cordero Jamal Raines 

Patricia Rishards Reed 

Yvonne Denise Rufus 

Gari Oninye Shand 

Glennethia Roshay Smith 

Ya'Shika Tanea Soi < »m< >n 

] i '.rome Antwan Tr.MPl.l-. 

Kendra Marissa Thomas 

V \\i lss \ Shante' Vai ghn 

Kim hi in Si i Wats< >n 

R\( 1 1 1. 1. Lynn West 

Si \i qua Lash \i Whiti